Trailer Braking

Air Brakes

Air Brake Features & Benefits

  1. Full air brake kits available off the shelf
  2. Easy to install with all components available
  3. Air/Hydraulic and combined systems available
  4. Air reservoirs - 38 / 50 / 60 litres
  5. Combined Hydraulic & Air Acuators
  6. Load Sensing Valves
  7. Accessories available


Hydraulic Load Sensing

Hydraulic Load Sensing Features & Benefits

  1. Designed for agricultural trailers or similar vehicles with hydraulic brakes
  2. Prevents wheel-locking and scrubbing by sensing load movement and adjusting the hydraulic braking pressure to match the gross vehicle weight



Powerbrake Features & Benefits

  1. Fail-safe spring loaded system operates independently to tractor brakes
  2. Automatically applies brakes in the event of a breakaway
  3. Automatically applies hand-brake when detached from tractor
  4. Applies the brakes in the event of the tractor stalling on an incline
  5. Easy to fit
  6. Extremely low maintenance


Hydraulic Brake Cylinder

Hydraulic Brake Cylinder Features

  1. Weld on or Bolt on design
  2. Internal & external return springs
  3. Ram diameter from 20 - 35


Hand Brakes

Hand Brake Features & Benefits

  1. Universal ratchet type
  2. Press to release type
  3. Strong, robust design