Who Are Distag?

Distag QCS Ltd. are one of the leading national industrial distributors in the UK and Ireland. With a unique range of products, catering for distributors and manufacturers alike, we offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of global sourcing, with the convenience of dealing with UK and Irish logistic centres.


The company's operations cover four distinct areas of expertise, which are often remarkably complementary.


Probably the sector we are best known for - we source and manufacture a complete range of mechanical PT components, which are well respected in the UK and Irish PT industries. Pitched in the quality end of the market, with a very attractive price/performance ratio, the range has given Distag a leading position in this sector, in a relatively short time.
We have been the exclusive importers of PIX transmission belts , for the UK and Ireland, since 1989, PIX belts are manufactured in India by Pix Transmissions Ltd. We are also the owners and producers of the POWERDRIVE brand of mechanical PT products, which includes: roller chains, sprockets, pulleys, taper bushes, and other complimentary power transmission items to complete the range.

Although relative newcomers to this sector, Distag are currently taking the hydraulics industry "by storm", With a highly acclaimed range of hydraulic hose, end fittings, assemblies, and ancilliary products, we are growing this business in both the distribution, and OEM channels. As specialist assemblers, we have become a first choice for OEMs looking for a complete "kitting" solution. More recently, we have entered into a partnership with Neotech, France, as their UK/Irish distributor, for their range of hose assembly machinery - swaging machines, cut-off saws etc.

This area of the business has expanded rapidly over the last few years, and is now a core part of the Distag offering. Working with our dedicated production facilities in China and India, we are able to offer a complete outsoucing solution for bespoke engineered products. Whether it is machined parts, cast components, forged items, or sub-assemblies, we can offer a highly cost effective solution for UK and Irish OEMs.

As exclusive distributors for HO's Unite Ltd, we have become one of the leading suppliers of trailer axles, suspensions, braking components, and related parts, across the UK and Ireland. The axles and suspensions are TUV and CE approved, and are suitable for Commercial and Agricultural trailer applications.

In summary, Distag QCS has been one of the pioneers of sourcing products from, and producing products in, Asia; having started working in China in 1988, and India in 1989. With our long experience, and the huge range of product available, we offer a unique service to wide range of industries, which sets us apart from our competitors.

The Distag Story