Ribbed Belts (Poly V-Belts, Multi Rib Belt)

Ribbed Belts (Poly V-belts)

In many more sophisticated drive systems there is a requirement for high power ratings, combined with compact drive design. This led to the development of Ribbed Belts, which combine the advantages of high flexibility with excellent power transmission.

Additional Information

Ribbed Belts are cut to size to depending on type and size and are also known as Multi rib belt, Poly V-belts. 

Ribbed Belt Features & Benefits

  1. High resistance to oil, heat, dust and cracking
  2. Uniform load distribution all over the cross section
  3. Top fabric layer for lateral stiffness
  4. Temperature up to +100'C
  5. Only one belt required. No matching. Uniform Tension
  6. Constant speed ratio, the ribs never sink inside the pulley
  7. Suitable for drives with inside and outside idlers
  8. Extreme flexible with reduced thickness
  9. Can be used on drives from the reverse side and in compact layouts
  10. High surface speed combined with high speed ratios smaller pulley diameters
  11. Less noise, vibration and weight. Ideal for domestic appliance drives
  12. Antistatic, Oil and Heat resistant
  13. ATEX certified FRAS belts are also available

Ribbed Belt Applications

  1. For compact drives with high speed ratios
  2. For drives requiring minimum maintenance
  3. For drives in a noise-sensitive environment
  4. For serpentine drives, V-flat drives, and drives with reverse bend idlers

Section J, L and M - used on general machinery

Section H - Used on domestic appliances, e.g. washing machines, dryers

Section K - Used in automotive industry for ancillary drives

Standards, Dimensions & Product Range

Section Dimensions Rec. Pulley Diameter (dp) Manufacturing Range
Thickness (mm) Rib Pitch (mm) Min Max
PH 2.9 1.60 13 280 5080
PJ 3.8 2.34 20 280 5080
PK 4.5 3.56 50 280 5080
PL 7.6 4.70 75 280 5080
PM 13.3 9.40 180 280 5080