Motor Mounting Plate

These products provide the fastest, most simple and economical method to mount an electric motor to a machine bed or installation.

The range consists of five sizes MB 210 to MB490, where the number designates the overall length of the base plate e.g. 210mm to 490mm. These five sizes accommodate motors with frame sizes from 63mm to 180mm.

The base plate has four slotted holes which are used to fasten it to the machine. The pressed steel top plate also has slotted holes to accommodate a wide range of motor sizes; and slides over the base plate. Adjustment of the motor position, and therefore, belt tension, is made through a single hexagon head adjusting screw.

Motor Mounting Plate Features

  1. Full body zinc plating, giving maximum corrosion resistance
  2. Locking device fitted on the adjustment screw – gives solid positioning when "in situ"
  3. No welding points, giving maximum strength
  4. Fully adjustable, will accommodate most motors and applications
  5. Suitable for friction drive, chain drives and pumps

Motor Mounting Plate Benefits

  1. Simple solution – reduces time and scope for errors when designing and fitting
  2. Competitively priced
  3. Fitting requires little skill and few tools
  4. Gives positive and accurate alignment
  5. Allows easy belt/chain tensioning, with minimum machine downtime
  6. "Fit and forget" – virtually maintenance-free