Lawn & Garden Belts

PIX manufacture a dedicated range of belts specifically designed to withstand the rigours of Grass Machinery applications. Such has been the success of these products that PIX is the first choice for many of the "blue chip" manufacturers in the Lawn and Garden industry. 

The Biggest Lawn & Garden Belt Range just got Bigger

Now Stocking Lawn & Garden Belts for Push & Electric Mowers. Stock to fit as - Black&Decker, Flymo, Mountield, QUALCAST, BOSCH & ATCO.


Lawn & Garden Belt Features

  1. Belts have large diameter ARAMID cords, impregnated with special compound which eliminates the need for re-tensioning and offers:
  2. High tensile strength
  3. Non-extensibility
  4. High resistance to shock loads
  5. Belts are covered with a double wrap of special fabric to ensure:
    • High resistance to wear and tear
    • Reduced slippage while clutching

Lawn & Garden Belt Characteristics

  1. Able to withstand high levels of reverse flexing.
  2. Usually associated with "serpentine" drives, and external idler placement.
  3. High resistance to oil, heat and cracking.

Double Sided Timing Belts


  1. Double sided provides power transmission capacity from both sides of the belt.
  2. Highly flexible belt with load carrying capacity, similar to single-sided timing belts.
  3. Belt design gives extended durability, strength & excellent flex life.
  4. Maintenance free.
  5. Highly resistant to elongation.
  6. Reduced noise level and smooth running.

Extensive range, specially constructed belts, tested and approved to suit many OEM-specific applications.

Attractive, aesthetic qualities - coloured by "dry cotton" - type wrap is synonymous with the belts used by major quality OEMs.

Available in standard sections - 3L, 4L and 5L.

Also available in an extensive range of OEM-specific sizes, where they are specially constructed and tested to OEM specification. These are identified from the manufacturer's original reference, and meet virtually every aspect of the originals in design, construction and performance.

Standards, Dimensions & Product Range

Section Dimensions Angle (Deg) Standard Recom. Min Pulley Dia. (mm) Manufacturing Range
Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Min Max Length Desig.
3L 10 6 40 RMA IP 23 39 266 4064 Belt No. ÷ 10 = Outside length in inches
4L 13 8 40 RMA IP 23 64 381 9144 Belt No. ÷ 10 = Outside length in inches
5L 17 10 40 RMA IP 23 89 533 5588 Belt No. ÷ 10 = Outside length in inches

Download Lawn & Garden Belts catalogue for more detailed information about the extensive range of OEM-specific sizes