What our customers say about us...

Tom Hooson - Ifor Williams Trailers Limited

Ifor Williams have been working with Distag QCS for over 10 years now. Their product & kits are always of the highest quality. The ability to deliver continually on time insures our production is never halted. Overall, their service is very impressive, I would highly recommend Distag QCS as a market leading supplier. 

Tom Hooson - Ifor Williams Trailers Limited

Karl Parker - Kent Bearings

The Kent Bearings Group have been Premier Distribution Partners with Distag for many years now. We have always been delighted with the service, product quality and range that they have to offer. They have a great team of knowledgeable people and understand that, in our industry, service is the key. Distag QCS also still believe in supporting regional distributors and are one of the very few manufacturer/national distributors who adhere to an ethical distribution policy.

Karl Parker - Kent Bearings

Simply Bearings Ltd

We were appointed Premier Distributors for Distag over three years ago now, and it was a decision we have never regretted. There was an immediate synergy between us when we met the team there, and they share the same passion as we do to grow their business, and have the same burning ambition to be the best at what they do. They have the perfect offering for us – very high quality levels, but at affordable prices. The depth of their range has allowed us to broaden our product offering and still has huge scope for the future.
This might not be relevant, I guess, but they are also great people to deal with, which is key in long-term partnerships.

Dan Makin - Simply Bearings Ltd.

Easterby Trailers

Easterby’s have been working with Distag for many years now. They have become one of our main suppliers for trailer components, and we love working with them. Distag are now involved in our design projects, and are helping to streamline our manufacturing. By far, they have one of the best axles on the market!
Peter Easterby Easterby Trailers

Evan Lewis - M&B Hydraulics, Cardiff

M&B are delighted to have been appointed as Premier Distributors for Distag. Their products are always of the highest quaility, and they are great people to deal with - the service is really impressive.

Evan Lewis - M&B Hydraulics, Cardiff

Guttridge, Spalding

As you may recall we monitor performance covering the following areas, quality, delivery, cost, 
technology and administration. Feedback is the key here and we do this on a regular basis so we can 
work together to identify areas of improvement for both our companies. 
We have now completed our scoring for 2016 and I am pleased to advise your score is 100%, giving 
you an A rating. 
Whilst we appreciate your continuous support and thank you all for your hard work, we would like 
to continue working together further to sustain this ranking. 
We will continue to review delivery performance results on a quarterly basis and feedback 
accordingly. As always, we remain focused on quality and any issues will be address accordingly. 
If you would like to discuss you score further or go through the report, please do not hesitate in 
contacting me. 

Kind Regards.

Ian Jenkins


CBB Ltd, London

Distag have become one of our closest, and long-standing, partners.

We work with 'blue-chip' clients, in the City and nationally, that require premium products, off the shelf, and delivered speedily.

There is no room for mistakes or delays, and it is rare these days, to find a supplier who 'gets' this!

The Distag service is second-to-none, and the products speak for themselves - we have not had a quality issue in the 20 years we've been working with them.
Paresh Patel - CBB Ltd, London

J Lewis Trailers

Distag QCS assisted me in setting myself up for mass production of my trailers. I have now doubled, if not tripled my output of trailers allowing me to fulfill my order book, I am also now able to market more and grow the business due to the increased Output.

I would highly recommend Distag QCS as a market leading supplier.

Jeff Lewis - J Lewis Trailers