OEM Components

The Distag QCS group is offering all of the benefits of Asia sourcing, without the customer having the hassle factor of trying to source and ship from multiple suppliers in Asia.

The Distag QCS group are committed to offering a long term view for business development.


  1. Extensive stock range; 20,000 stock lines
  2. High availability; 4 warehouses covering the UK & Ireland
  3. Highly equiped facilities & test equipment
  4. Experienced & knowledgable team
  5. Manufacturing in China & India
  6. Multiple supply options
  7. Strict quality control


  1. Fewer vendors to deal with
  2. Lower inventory costs & on-time delivery
  3. New product development
  4. Ease of doing business - in-depth understanding of customer forecasts & schedules
  5. Lower aquisition cost
  6. JIT - FCL Loads - Customer schedule orders
  7. Reduced downtime & warranty
  8. High performance to price ratio

Quality 1st:

  1. ISO 9001 Certified
  2. Chemical Inspection
  3. Mechanical Inspection
  1. CMM Machine
  2. Ultra Sonic Inspection
  1. Particle Inspection
  2. Magnetic Inspection
  3. Material Certification

Distag QCS is committed to providing high quality products, effective project management and our outstanding customer service.

Our team works in close partnership with our customers to fully understand their needs and requirements, in order to insure all products are manufactured amd delivered to our customer's specifications.

Our production facilities operate a quality management system accredited to ISO 9001 to ensure that we deliver consistent high quality. It is our policy to invest in both equipment and training to insure continuous supply of quality products.

Cast Components

Casting Processes:

  1. Sand casting
  2. Investment casting
  3. Die casting
  4. Lost wax casting


  1. Grey Iron (all grades)
  2. Ductile Iron
  3. Cardob Steel
  4. Alloy Steel
  5. Stainless Steel

Additional Services:

  1. Machining
  2. Heat Treatment
  3. Surface Finish & Painting

The Distag QCS group has over 25 years of experience in manufacturing cast components according to customer's requirements and drawings.

Our products include components for pumps such as impellers, velutes, flanges and valves. Crane components, crane wheels, agricultural machinery and combine harvester components. Components for crushing and mining equipment, bearing housings and many other cast components from 1.5kg up to 45kg.

Our castings are supplied fully machined according to customer requirements.

Machined Components

Machining Processes:

  1. CNC Lathes
  2. CNC Milling
  3. Gear Cutting
  4. Drilling & Tapping
  1. Broaching
  2. Surface Grinding
  3. Sprocket Hobbing
  4. Internal & External Splines

Additional Services:

  1. Heat Treatment
  2. Surface Treatment

Sub Assemblies


  1. High quality components at competitive prices
  2. Parts are collated and assembled in Ireland or overseas
  3. Reduced costs and streamlined production

With access to an array of high quality components, sourced at a competitive price, Distag QCS can offer the option of providing complete assembled sub assembly units.

Forged Components

Forging Processes:

  1. Open Die Forging
  2. Closed Die Forging
  3. Drop Forging
  4. Hammer Forging


  1. Carbon Steel
  2. Alloy Steel
  3. Stainless Steel

Additional Services:

  1. Machining
  2. Surface Finishing

Additional Services:

  1. Heat Treatment
  2. Surface Treatment

Custom Manufactured Pins, Bushes & Small Fabrications

Features & Benefits:

  1. With access to a wide range of Fabricating and Machining processes, Distag QCS can supply custom manufactured pins, bushes and fabrications to suit any manufacturing purpose.
  2. All components can be supplied from a range of materials to suit their application. Pins can be supplied complete with welded fabricaton and a surface finish option of Zinc plated, phosphate or natural finish.
  3. Components can be packed to suit our customer's assembly requirements.

Heat & Surface Treatment

Options available include:

  1. Annealing
  2. Quenching
  3. Tempering
  1. Painted
  2. Powder Coating
  3. Black Phosphate
  1. Zinc Plated
  2. Case Hardening
  3. Through Hardening
  4. Induction Hardening

1-3/8" & 2" Splined Components

Options available include:

  1. One piece forged spline shafts complete with sprocket
  2. Custom manufactured sprockets complete with internal spline
  1. Spline bushings
  2. Topper drive shaft
  3. Topper coupling assembly