Banded Belts

PIX Banded belts are manufactured in classical, wedge and narrow V section belts, with a strong tie band around the back of the belt. Banded belts are manufactured in both cut edge and wrap construction.

The band around the outside of the belts gives extra lateral rigidity to the structure, eliminating the problem of belts turning in the pulley grooves.

The band not only helps to evenly distribute the load across the belts, but also prevents twisting of belts in the pulley.

Banded belts are manufactured in; HA, HB, HC, HD, HSPZ, HSPA, HSPC, H3V, H5V and H8V sections; and they are produced to international standards ISO 5290, ISO 5291 and BS 3790

These belts are an ideal solution in conditions where there is severe vibration, extreme shock loads, and/or pulsating loads.

Typical applications would include crushers, conveyor systems, large generator sets and compressors, vacuum pumps, agitators, and most notably combine harvesters. They will also be found in many general agricultural and industrial applications.

Banded Belt Features

  1. High stability - eliminating the possibility of belts turning over in pulleys.
  2. Increased power transmission in less space.
  3. High efficiency due to reduced slippage.
  4. Ideal for pulsating loads.
  5. Low vibration for smooth running with even the toughest drives.
  6. Stringent length tolerance.
  7. Available in wrapped or cogged raw edge construction.
  8. Aramid cord belts available as an option.