Commercial Axles

Commercial Axle Features

Brake size:

  1. 400mm x 80mm
  2. 406mm x 120mm
  3. 420mm x 180mm
  4. 420mm x 200mm
  5. 420mm x 220mm

Wheel fixing:

  1. 10xM22x1.5 on 335pcd

Axle beam size:

  1. Sq. 100mm
  2. Sq. 120mm x 14mm
  3. Sq. 150mm
  4. Sq. 150mm x 12mm
  5. Sq. 150mm x 14mm
  6. Sq. 150mm x 16mm
  7. 127mm x 11mm Round
  8. 127mm x 16mm Round

Beam style:

  1. Straight
  2. Stepped
  3. Stub (by request)

Commercial Axle Benefits

The Axle spindles are forged from high purity steel to guarantee superior heat treatment for toughness & rigidity. Commercial S-Cam brake offers high braking efficiency suitable for high speed and many load applications. Wheel studs are 10.9 grade. Extra wide high quality taper roller bearings used for ultra long life. Patented axle design with a precise lean out angle to minimise tire wear. Designed to exceed all industry standards for load & reliability. Commercial Sqaure beam axles use an innovative cold forged seamless square beam. This allows an extra 1 tonne capacity per axle.

Commercial Axle Brakes

Manual slack adjusters as standard. Automatic slack adjusters available. Pneumatic & hydraulic actuator mounting bracket options available.

Agricultural Axles

Agricultural Axle Features

Brake size:

  1. 300mm x 60mm
  2. 300mm x 90mm
  3. 300mm x 135mm
  4. 400mm x 80mm

Un-braked Axle beam size:

  1. Sq. 70mm
  2. Sq. 80mm
  3. Sq. 90mm
  4. Sq. 100mm
  5. Solid & Box Section

Beam style:

  1. Straight
  2. Stepped
  3. Stub (by request)

Agricultural Axle Benefits

Robust design, flat cam brakes for easy maintenance, suitable for trailed machinery & light duty trailers.

Stepped Axles

Stepped Axle Features

Brake size:

  1. 420mm x 180mm
  2. 420mm x 200mm

Axle beam size:

  1. Sq. 150mm
  2. Sq. 150mm x 135mm

Stepped Axle Benefits 

Reduced height giving lower centre of gravity to aid stability.

Lowloader Axles

Lowloader Axle Features

Brake size:

  1. 310mm x 190mm

Axle beam size:

  1. 127mm Round

Wheel fixing:

  1. 10 x M22 x 1.5 on 225pcd

Lowloader Axle Benefits 

Low profile tandem and tri-axle suspension also available to suit these axles.


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  2. Stub Axles
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