Automotive Belts

PIX manufacture an extensive range of Automotive Belts, which fall into the following main types:

  1. PIX X'ceed FORCE - Multi-ribbed Belts
  2. PIX X'tra FORCE - Cogged Raw Edge Belts

Automotive Belt Features

PIX X'ceed FORCE - Multi-ribbed Belts

PIX X'ceed FORCE Features & Benefits:

  1. The ribs have a fibre reinforced base - compound giving higher power rating
  2. Offers less vibration, absorbs shock loads. Low elongation characteristics & excellent performance under tension
  3. They are extremely flexible and capable of working on small diameter pulleys & "serpentine" drives
  4. Outstanding oil & heat resistance, giving long service life
  5. ow noise and impressive wear performance make for minimal maintenance and quiet running engines
  6. Conforms to ISO 9981, RMA IP 26 standards

Sections available:

  1. PK/K. All other sections: H/PH, J/PJ, L/PL & M/PM are available on request
  2. Production range: 280mm to 5080mm

PIX X'tra FORCE - Cogged Raw Edge Belts

PIX X'tra FORCE Features & Benefits:

  1. Suitable for modern high speed engines
  2. High modulus and low stretch tensile cords, engineered and treated to carry higher loads without elongation
  3. Fibre reinforced rubber mixture of base compound ensures better grip and lateral rigidity
  4. Excellent resistance to oil and heat - cogged construction enables operation on small pulley diameters

Sections available:

AVX10, AVX13, Standards, Dimensions & Product Range:

Section Dimensions Angle (Deg) Manufacturing Range Length Desig.
Top Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Min Max
RBMK/PK 4.5 3.56   356 mm 5080 mm LE
AVX10 10 8 36 600 mm 5100 mm LA
AVX13 13 10 36 600 mm 5100 mm LA