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UK farming legislation – How can we make our farms safer?

Figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have shown that the agriculture industry is the most dangerous industry in the UK. With readmore

The next generation of timing belt is now available at Distag QCS!

The PIX-TorquePlus-XT2 is the new timing belt from PIX, replacing their HTD range in 5, 8, and 14M sections. The XT2 has a much higher power ratin readmore

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World Soil Day - The Tillage Debate

Today is world soil day!

Soil seems like a bit of an odd thing to dedicate a day to but 95% of the world’s food is produced in soil. Without healthy soils we won’t be able to grow crops, which is a worrying prospect. Thi

Distag Blog

Ploughing Championships 2017

Distag at the Ploughing Championships 2017

Just two weeks ago, Distag made their annual trip to Europe’s largest outdoor event, the National Ploughing Championships in S

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